So you might wonder why this blog is called 1001 Chillies and I don’t have a single recipe on the site? Well, the origins of this blog date back to 2015 when I traveled to Sri Lanka for three months and discovered that I could neither eat nor cook with spices. Thus the name. That and how the pink sunsets made me feel like Badroulbadour from the Arabian Nights – Aladdin’s Jasmine that is.

But this blog is not about food. 1001 Chillies is essentially about letting go of “then…when” and seeing the magic in the everyday. In Sri Lanka, one of the biggest realisations for me was the impact of our surroundings on our health and creativity. In an island where spices are dried under the sun and laundry washed by hand, it was possible to let go of control and perfectionism. Things could not be rushed. But rather than being lazy, my mind was calm and focused.

Back in Finland I began to cultivate these discoveries and currently I am running an indoor landscaping company in Helsinki (Dix Point Oy) with the Mission to bring more clarity and productivity to workplaces. And of course, everything starts from my own office. As an entrepreneur, wannabe writer, passionate procrastinator and occasional over-analyser, the practice of self-leadership is sometimes challenging. This blog is about sharing those moments of insight (or hindsight) that have helped me to better cope with my monkey mind.

Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.
John Lennon

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